Apple IOS 13 Features and Functionalities


Finally after a long period of time Apple introduced the newest IOS 13.0 on the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2019) on Monday 3rd January, 2019.

IOS 13.0

As usual the event took place in the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in California where Apple introduced its earlier products.

On WWDC 2019 Apple introduced numerous outstanding products such as.

  • Mac Pro
  • Pro Display XDR
  • Apple Music the Mac
  • TVOS 13
  • WatchOS 6
  • Apple Pencil on the Mac.
  • Apple TV. Premiering on Mac
  • Listen to Podcast on Mac.
  • Experience your favorite iPad apps on Mac.
  • Extend your Desktop with iPad.
  • Screen Time features on the Mac.
  • Communication Limits.
  • Increased security with greater privacy.Mac Pro

Beside these products Apple also announced software updates such macOS 10.15 Catalina, iPadOS and IOS 13.0 which included elegant designs and enhanced speed over there prior versions. Apple claimed that the app lunch is 2x faster then previous versions.

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What is New on IOS 13.0?

After all some rumors came true about IOS 13.0. On WWDC 2019 Apple officially revealed that they have worked on IOS 13.0 from top to bottom to bring the effective user interface. Therefore, IOS 13.0 is equipped with the following features:

  • Dark Mode: Almost all the phones in the market has this feature but finally it is coming on IOS 13.0. The name basically does exactly what it suggests and it turns all the of those white bits in black. This will enable users to set a time and the dark mode will be active automatically. The darks mode is also essential to reduce the battery usage and also avoid lights at nights.
Dark Mode
  • Apple Map: Apple has rebuild the Apple Map and dramatically cleaner and more detailed. Besides, Apple Map now has the Street View feature which allows users to tap on spot and look around on the area in 360 degrees.
Apple Map
  • Keyboard Swipe: It is not something very new the smartphone industry. We had before such a functionality in other smartphones like Samsung. Basically this will allows you to trace the letters on the keyboard to input words in the text box.
Keyboard Swipe
  • Sign in With Apple: Above all the features included in IOS 13.0 the Sign in With Apple ID functionality is the key feature. Generally allows to securely login social sites and browse website. When try to access social sites or emails the Apple ID authenticate you ID though build in Face ID or Touch ID. Therefore, instead of your true information the developer will receive a randomized identification of you.
Sign in With Apple
  • Download over Data: User now can download any size app though App Store over network data which previous was limited. It is worth mentioning that the apps on the App Store is now 50% lighter and updates 60% lighter, Apple Claimed.
  • CarPlay: CarPlay is a popular option for the most of the people around the world. In new update CarPlay in IOS 13.0 you will have an elegant dashboard and Siri support for navigation.
  • Photo and Video App: Apple also has brought changes on photo app. Now you can organize you photos by day, month, year and date. Besides, editing photo is a lot easier on IOS 13.0. Moreover, Apple has included video editing capibalities which you can crop, add filters, crop you videos just by a few finger moves.
New App Gallery
  • Siri: Luckily beside all new features the Siri has been upgraded with responsive response to user’s command. the very noticeable update on Siri is new natrual voice.
  • Unlocking with Face ID: As Apple claimed unlocking with Face ID will be 30% quicker with new IOS 13.0.

Which Devices Will Receive IOS 13.0 Update?

Except some old version iPhone the following iPhone devices are able to receive IOS 13.0 update.

  • iPhone 6s and 6s plus
  • iPhone 7 and plus
  • iPhone 8 and plus
  • iPhone X, XS, XE and iPhone XMAX

Earlier than iPhone 6s devices (iPhone) will not be able to get IOS 13.0 update.

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How to Get IOS 13.0 on Your iPhone Device?

On 3rd June, 2019 at WWDC 2019 Apple revealed only the beta version of IOS 13.0. Therefore, at the moment only users with paid developer account can download the IOS 13.0 beta.

The public beta version of IOS 13.0 is expected to be viral on July, 2019 where anyone can download and test it. until then you have to keep your patience.


This was a short review of newly launched iOS 13.0. I am going to update this article in next few days to provide you a detailed information regarding each individual features. leave your question and feedback in the comment box below.

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