How To Fix MacBook Keyboard Is Not Working

Definitive and exclusive guides on how you can fix MacBook Keyboard is not working properly.

Apple mac keyboard was based on mechanical and scissor mechanism till 2015. Which was responsive and convenient rather than other computer keyboards. However, Apple launched its new keypads in 2015 together with 12inch Macbook Air.

These keyboard was no longer mechanical or scissors based but instead Apple this time made its keyboard which had four contact points and its was named “butterfly keyboard”.

The butterfly keyboard was awesome and pretty responsive rather than mechanical and scissors keyboards and apply still uses this keyboards. 

How to Fix MacBook Keyboard Is Not Working?

Recently I came across of an annoying problem with my Macbook Pro keyboard. I noticed that some of the keys on my computer keypads were not working at all. Then I also noticed in Apple Forum that a huge number of users faced the same issue. Therefore I visited some technicians and also search around on internet to find a solution. And luckily I did find the solution.

Your Macbook Pro or Air keyboard may not working as:

  • Some typical keys (U, I, O, P, K, L) do not works
  • Caps Lock is not working
  • All Keypads is not working
  • Less commonly the keys may make loud noise

How to Fix Some Typical Keys Not Working?

If only some keys ( U, I, O, P, K, L) or some number keys do not work even it is not damaged or are not dusty it is more likely to be due to “EnableMouse Keys”. Basically this allows the number keys to control cursor.

To solve this problem follow the instructions below.

Go to System Preferences, and open the Accessibility, then choose Mouse & TrackPad and finally uncheckEnable Mouse Keys” or simply press Alt Key five times.

UncheckEnable Mouse Keys

And you are done!

How to Fix Caps Lock is Not Working?

This problem occurs if you have updated your Macbook Pro or Air to macOS 10.13 Mojave. It is because of modifications brought to Caps Lock by Apple. 

To make you caps lock work properly go System Preference, open Keyboard, then Input Sources and Uncheck “Use the Caps Lock key to switch to and from U.S

Uncheck “Use the Caps Lock key to switch to and from U.S”

How To Fix All Keypads Do Not Work?

If your mac keyboard is damaged or broken due to some reason the way to fix this, is to go to Apple Store and replace it. However, some times dust and dirt may also accumulate under the keys to prevent it from working properly. 

To make it work normally you have to take the following essential steps.

  • Hold your Macbook at 75 angle and clean it with air compression.
  • Shake you Macbook at 75 angle to remove dust and debris.
  • Now take a paint brush and brush under the keys smoothly. Make sure not to insert the brush completely under the key otherwise you may damage the keys.
Source: Apple Inc

How to Fix Keys Make Loud Noise?

Basically this issue happens with MacBook Air 2015, MacBook Pro 2017 and MacBook Air and Pro 2017. The cause for this problem was the underlying aluminum which expanded due to over heat. 

Therefore, to solve this problem either you have to let the underlying aluminum be cooled down or through back your mac to Apple Store for the replacement with newly developed keyboard.

However, Apple did a lot of struggle to solve this issue and it seems that Apple has accomplished it is mission as far as there is no further complaints. 


Well, this was all about how to fix MacBook keyboard is not working. I hope following those steps mentioned above has solved your problems. If you faced further keyboard issue I highly request to leave it in the comment box below.

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