How to Jailbreak IOS 13.0 Without a Computer

How to Jailbreak IOS 13.0 : You will find in the following article the easy and definitive guides about how to jailbreak IOS 13.0 without using a computer in just couple of minutes.

If you are looking to jail break newly released IOS 13.0 you are definitely in the right place because I am not only going to show how to do it but also how to do it for FREE.

Therefore, follow the below mentioned definitive instruction to break your iPhone or iPad from the jail.

Oh, I mean to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Why You Should Do a Jailbreak?

it is not always necessary to do a jailbreak. if you are comfortable with factory settings of iPhone and iPad and do not do much gaming or experiments. However, if you intend to do further customization on your iDevices you definitly need a jailbreak. Because it only not allow you to customize you device but also you will be able to download free apps and games. Therefore, jailbreak is only used to gives you a better flexibility to customize your device and use the apps freely.

Does Jailbreak Cost Money?

It is depending on the method you use to jailbreak your iDevice. If you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad within computer it may not cost you any money. However, if intend to jailbreak your iDevice within apps it may ask you for a donation (10$, 20$, 30$). Unless you donate you will not be able to proceed further. Again it depends on what apps you use to jailbreak. 

Methods to Jailbreak IOS iPadOS?

Basically there two methods to jailbreak IOS or iPadOS. it said iPadOS beacuse now iPad bas it own separate operating system called iPadOS . However, you can use a computer to jailbreak or without a computer within apps you can jailbreak your iDevice. For this purpose of this abstract I am going to show you how you can jailbreak your IOS device or iPadOS without using a computer. Instead you can follow the following exclusive steps to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Here comes the cool part…

How to Jailbreak IOS 13.0 Without a Computer?

To jailbreak you iPhone or iPad simply follow the below mentioned guidance.

Required Apps for Jailbreak:

  1. Zjailbreak App/ Xabsi App/ iExtra App
  2. Anzhuang App

It is furthermore note worthy that the same method can be applied for earlier versions of IOS such IOS (IOS 12.1 , IOS 12.1.1, IOS 12.1.2, IOS 12.1.3 and IOS 12.1.4)

Jailbreak IOS 13.0 with Zjailbreak and Anzhuang App

Zjailbreak and Anzhuang App is not in Apple Store. Therefore you have to download them from third party app stores or websites. Basically Zjailbreaks app allows you to download Anzhuang app from its platform. Whereas the Anzhuang app is used to extract Cydia. And the Cydia will provide abilities to download apps, games, themes and etc..  

Remember that Xabasi and iExtra are paid and normally asks you for donation in order to provide you the code for registration.Therefore, for this purpose download Zjailbreak from its official webpage and later I will show you how to generate free code for its registration. 

Checkout if your device Compatible with Zjailbreak App an Anzhuang App  in the table below.

ZJailbreak CompatibilityAnzhuang Compatibility
iPhone iPhone 
iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s and plus, SE, 7 and plus, 8 and plus, X, XE, XS, XMAXiPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s and plus, SE, 7 and plus, 8 and plus, X, XE, XS, XMAX
iPad iPad 
iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 1stt g, iPad Pro 2ndg, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 10.5inch and othersiPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 1stt g, iPad Pro 2ndg, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 10.5inch and others

Backup Your Data

Before you start jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad make sure you backup your data. Because there is always a high risk or losing your data. You can backup your data in iCloud or any other Cloud available or even in your computer. 

Step One: Install Zjailbreak App

  • First from you iPhone or iPad browser open the Zjailbreak webpage and install the the updated version of Zjailbreak. This app is basically used to download Anzhuang app from its platform.
  • Now again head to your browser and open the scroll down and look Generate Code and click on GENERATE CODE. This code allows you to freely register Zjailbreak.
Copy the Generated Code
  • Copy the generated code and go back to Zjailbreak app => “Freemium to zUpdate” and paste the code in the registration box  and press update.

Step Two: Install Anzhuang App

  • If you have downloaded the Zjailbreak App, now you are ready to download the Anzhuang app. Therefore, on the Zjailbreak app scroll down till you find the Anzhuang app and install it immediately .
  • Now open the Anzhuang app and select or press on the “Browse the Jailbreak App”. Then look for the Cydia .
Click on Browse the Jailbreak App List
  • After you locate the Cydia, click on “Generate Code”. Copy the code and close the Anzhuang app and relaunch it.
Generate and Copy Code
  • Now paste the code you copied before in the box then press Install Button. As shown bellow.
Paste the Code and Press Install

Congelation! you have successfully jailbreaked you iPhone or iPad.

Wait, you are not done yet.

so, now that you have installed all the Cydia app, do dare to try free apps, games or any other customization you never could before.


This was all about jailbreak within app rather then computer. I hope following the steps mentioned above remains useful for you to jailbreak you iPhone or iPad. Please share your feed and question in the comment box below. I will be glade answering you.

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