How to Install Windows 10 on Parallels Desktop on macOS Catalina

Do you know how to install Windows 10 on Parallels Desktop on macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave?

Well, if you don’t. then this article is for you.

Windows 10 2019 Features:

Microsoft updated Windows 10 this year with eye caching features. Beside performance improvements the most prominent feature is the Dark Theme.

Unless macOS Mojave and Catalina the Dark Theme on Windows 10 is customizable. For example you can choose to enable the dark theme only for task bar or windows.

Windows 10 mostly know for its environment and easy use. Unlike macOS which only allow you to install apps from Apple App Store, on Windows you can easy install programs from third parties and also form Microsoft app store.

Why You Need Windows 10 on macOS Catalina?

There are certain reason macOS users may need a Windows parallel to macOS. The most common reason could be softwares or applications that are not still made for macOS, such as Corel Draw, 3D Max, Internet Download Manager or any other applications.

And the other reason could be file sharing from mac to external hard drive. Especially if your hard drive is not erased with proper format to be supported on macOS.

How You Can Install Windows 10 on macOS Catalina?

Basically there is only two methods to install Windows 10 on macOS Catalina or Mojave. Either you can dual macOS Catalina and Windows 10 or you can install Windows 10 on macOS virtually through virtual machines, such Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox and VMware without making partition on internal hard drive.

However, dual boot is an essential way to use Windows 10. Because this method allows Window to use whole hardware such as RAM and Processor. Whereas with virtual machine you will be able to use hardwares partially.

As far as this abstract is concerned about Parallels Desktop I will be only talking about Virtual Machine .

Steps Install Windows 10 on Parallels Desktop on macOS Catalina:

For this purpose you need to download the following files and softwares.

  • Parallels Desktop 14 dmg
  • Windows 10 ISO Image File

Step #1: Download Windows 10 ISO Image

You can download Windows 10 ISO Image from Microsoft webpage. It is essential to choose the proper edition and bit (64bit or 32bit).

Step #2: Download and Install Parallels Desktop 14

For this purpose go to parallels webpage and download the latest version of parallel desktop. After you downloaded the parallel desk proceed to installations phase as following.

Step #3: Open parallels desktop dmg file and click install to proceed.

Install Parallels Desktop

Step #4: Now, enter your administrator password to allow installation

Administrator Password

Step #5: On Use Windows From Boot camp window, click Skip

Skip Use Boot Camp

Step #6: Now, choose Install Windows or another OS From a DVD or Image File, and the click Continue

Create New

Step #7: Next, Enter Windows License Key if you have one, otherwise skip it. 

Windows License Key

Step #8: Now, let the parallels desktop search for Windows 10 ISO Image File. Once it is found click Continue.

Choose Windows 10 ISO Image

However, you can also choose Windows 10 ISO Image manually from DVD and USB Drive.

Step #9: Next, choose Productivity mode, then click Continue to proceed further

Productivity Mode

Remember: It is essential to select what you use Windows for. if you use Windows 10 for software development, software testing, design and game, then choose the mode accordingly.

Step #10: Now choose a name and location, then click Create

Name and Location

Install Windows 10 on Parallels Desktop 14

After you configured the parallels desktop, Windows 10 will automatically starts installing on parallels desktop.

Step #11: Now, choose the edition and bit (64bit or 32bit) of Windows 10 you want to install, then click Continue to proceed Windows 10 installation.

Choose Windows 10 Edition

Windows 10 installation may take a couple of minutes. Therefore, until it completes take a cup of coffee. 

Congratulation! You successfully did it.

Enable Windows 10 Full Screen Mode on Parallels Desktop

To enable Windows 10 full screen mode doesn’t require any additional configuration. Simply go to View Tab on the navigation bar, then choose full screen mode, or Coherence mode or Picture in Picture mode.

Full Screen Mode

Troubleshoot Parallels Desktop on macOS Catalina

You may face different issues and errors during or after installing Windows 10 installation on parallel desktop on macOS 10.15 Catalina. Such as,

Error 1: Parallels Desktop installation hangs on macOS Catalina

Solution: To solve this problem, wait for a couple of minute and the installation will be completed.

Error 2: Virtual machine crushes

Solution: To solve this error, go to virtual machine configurationHardwareSound and Camera, then disable the camera and microphone

Error 3: Unable to start parallels desktop services error message

Solution: To fix this error, first restart or reboot macOS Catalina, then start parallels desktop again.

How to Uninstall Windows 10 on Parallels Desktop?

If you intend to uninstall Windows 10 from parallels desktop make sure to back up your data from virtual machine on an external hard drive or USB drive. Because all the data will be erased together with Windows 10.

To uninstall Windows 10 on parallels desktop:

  • Open Parallels Desktop, but don’t start the virtual machine. If it is already started go to Actions Tab, then Shut Down the virtual machine.
Shut Down Virtual Machine
  • Next, on Apple Menu Bar click on Parallels Desktop Icon, then choose Control Center
Control Center
  • Right click on power off icon, then choose Remove
Remove VM
  • Now, choose either Keep Files to store your data or Move To Trash to remove all the datas completely. 


To install Windows 10 on macOS Catalina or Mojave you can either use a virtual machine such parallels desktop/VirtualBox without making a partition on internal hard drive or you can dual boot through bootcamp or bootable USB installer drive which requires paritition.

I hope you find this article useful, if you have anything to tell or ask us leave in the comment box below.


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