How to Run Windows 10 on Mac OS Mojave Using Parallels Desktop

In this article I will show you how to run Windows on Mac OS via Parallels Desktop 14 virtual machine.

Since the Mac OS computers are produced by Apple, these computers have been of the most beautiful products ever. Beside beautiful design and shape this computer has a strong operating system comparing to Windows and other operating systems. Despite these qualities the major apprehension of all Mac OS user is installation of some specific software like 3D Max, Corel Draw, Win rar, Internet download Manager and many other software and applications which are not still available for Mac OS. This may cause some user to switch to Windows computers rather using Mac OS.

Equipment of Apple Mac OS with Intel Processors:

As the Apple computers are now equipped with Intel Processors it has solved some problems of Mac OS users by installation of Windows operating systems through build in Boot Camp Software. This will require you to partition your Mac hard drive and restart each time in order to switch between Windows and Mac OS that could be annoying for most of the users. You do not, however, have to. You can run Windows on Mac OS via parallels desktop 14 virtual machine without making a partition on your hard drive or restarting each time in order to use Windows or Mac.

Sounds excited, right?!

Yes, you can install and run Windows on Mac OS by using Virtual Machines. But before going to step by step guidance of how to install and run Windows on MacOS using Virtual Machine let’s know what Virtual Machine is.

What is Virtual Machine?

A virtual machine is a software, where it provides the possibility to install different multiple operating system like Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android on a single physical computer.

There are different types of virtual machine software available with its own unique features and functionalities, like Virtual Box, VMware, Parallels Desktop but over all they do the same job.

As far as this topic is concerned about installation and running of Windows 10 using Parallels desktop 14 on Mac OS, I am not going in deep detail and review of each individual software. Instead I am going to take you to the complete procedure and steps of installing Windows 10 on Mac Os using Parallels Desktop 14 Virtual Machine shortly.

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Parallels Desktop 14:

Parallels Desktop 14 is the latest and most reliable virtual machine software among its kind. It has some major improvements over the old versions which is included below:

  • Easy to setup: Parallels Desktop 14 allows even the ones with little knowledge of computer to install and run Windows and Mac or any other operating system parallel to each other.  
  • Rich in options: Which gives you the flexibility to share files between Windows and Mac desktop, use three different screen mode (Coherence, full screen, picture in picture), take a snapshot and many other customizable options.
  • Fast and smooth performance: The Parallels Desktop 14 is 35 percent faster then previous versions which is a noticeable upgrade.

And one proven thing which I really like about parallels desktop is that you can remove or uninstall windows without any damage to your data and MacOS.  

The parallels desktop 14 comes in three editions. The Standard edition that costs $79.99 and lasts forever but you will not be able to upgrade to future versions, the pro edition with cost of $99.99 per year and include high level features and it will be upgradeable to future versions and the business edition which costs $99.99 per year.

Parallels Desktop 14 for MacOS: Download Link

Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac 

Install Parallels desktop 14 on Mac OS:

First of all, you will need to install parallels desktop 14 on your Mac OS. To do so you are required to follow the following proven steps:

  • Open your browser and search for parallels desktop 14 (the link to download is provided above), and download the edition of your choice. If you intend to run a test of parallels desktop 14 on your MacOS computer you can download the available trial version.
  • After the parallels desktop 14 application is downloaded, you are to install it on your MacOS computer. For that just:
  • Double click on the parallels desktop.dmg file to initiate installation
    • Double click on Install button 
    • Accept the License Agreement
    • Enter your administrator password then wait till the parallels desktop application is installed which will then you will be able to run Windows 10 on MacOS. 

Run Windows 10 on Mac OS via Parallels Desktop 14:

  • Once the parallels desktop 14 application is installed, the page to download Windows 10 appears. This enables you to download and install the Windows 10. But if you already have a copy of Windows 10 skip this step and proceed to the next window and select install windows then click continue button on the bottom right corner as shown on the picture below.

Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File): Download Link

Install Windows form a DVD or Image file
  • By clicking the continue button another window pops up as shown bellow and your computer automatically finds the Windows 10 image from your computer but you can also choose manually from a USB flash drive (requires bootable USB drive), DVD or from your computer hard drive. Then click continue button on the bottom right corner and insert your Windows License Key if available. If not skip this step and proceed to the next step.
  • Now, the next thing to do is to choose any mode you primarily use Windows for. This could cause problems if you did not select an appropriate mode according to your need. In my case I have selected productivity. Once again click on continue button and you will be directed to an other window where you will have required to insert a name and location for Windows and click create button to begin Windows installation.
Choose what primarily you install and use windows for
  • Shortly after the Windows installation process begun, a window appears where you will be asked to select the operating Windows system you want (Like, Windows 10 enterprise x64 and x86, Windows 10 pro x64 and x86, Windows 10 Home x64 and x86), and then click on the next button and wait till the installation is completed. In my case I have selected Windows 10 pro x64.
Select the Operating Windows system

It is note worthy that, during Windows installation process your computer may restart several time. And you are high recommended to plug your computer charger to the power source to avoid power failure interruption and do not turn off your system until installation is completed.  

Congratulation! Now that you have successfully installed the Windows 10 using parallels desktop on your Mac OS dare to test any software or application you wish.

Now that you have successfully installed the Windows 10 using parallels desktop on your Mac OS dare to test any software or application you wish.

Sum Up:

To run Windows 10 on your Mac OS without making partition on your computer internal hard drive and restarting your system each time to switch between Mac OS and Windows you can use parallels desktop 14 virtual machine to install Windows. This will enable you to use any Windows software or application that has no MacOs version, and share files between these two different desktops by drag and drop or copy and paste.

I hope you find this article useful, if you find any question or feedback feel free to leave a comment below I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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