Best Free Youtube Downloader for MacOS Mojave in 2019

In this article you will be introduced to the best free youtube downloader available for Mac OS Mojave and earlier versions. Beside youtube these downloader also allows you to download videos and applications from any internet source.

Downloading huge data like movies and videos where speed matters always has been problem of every MacOS users.

As I first switch from Windows computer to MacOS in order to download university lectures, youtube videos, files and applications that I needed, I had to turn on my windows computer and start downloading which was real tiring and time wasting.


After searching around and visiting tons of website to find a proper downloader application for MacOS Mojave, I came across some apps which includes some awesome features and functionalities that every Mac user who intends to download huge datas needed.

Therefore, if you have the same problems I had years ago just stop searching and stick with this article, and I going to take you the two best download manager where not your problems will be solved but also you will enjoy using them on your MacOS.

It is worth mentioning that, all the Apps which are included in this article are fully tested on MacOS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.

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Folx 5 Download Manager:

The Folx downloader or download manager has a convenient environment and interface and is fully compatible with MacOS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave and earlier versions.

Therefore, as the Folx is designed for MacOS It is a powerful youtube downloader. However, you can also use this tool to download files, films, videos and applications from any internet source.

It also includes some major and unique features which make it distinct from other download managers available.

Folx Pro Download Manager

Folx Features & Functionalities:

These features are as following:

  • Easy Download: Which allows you to download youtube videos and movies, applications and files from internet sources just by inserting source URL in the Folx search bar. Besides, you can also resume interrupted downloads, control your download and upload speed, select multiple downloads, set the Folx to sync the music, video automatically into iTune.
  • Tags Menu: To make it easier for the users the Folx downloader has included a tags window at the right side of main window where it provides you a simple access to your downloaded applications, movies, music, pictures and other files.
  • Youtube and Torrent: The unique feature of Folx downloader is that it only not gives you the chance to download from youtube and torrents but also you can have more control over download where you can add tags for your download, save to your target folder and drive, schedule the download, split your download up to 20 threats and add name and description. To do so, you have to click on add new task button and an other smaller window pops up where you can place the source URL or search for keyword to download your data.
  • Supported Browsers: The Folx also allows you to add browser extension for Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and Firefox.

There are some advance features available that requires a pro version. If you want to have more controls over your downloads I highly recommend to go for pro edition. But still you can the free version as a youtube downloader, torrents and all other video sources.

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Folx Cost:

The Folx Downloader comes in two edition, the free edition and the pro edition which coast $19.95 for personal use and $39.95 for family use. There are also some additional supporting features available which will costs you additional payment.

Download Folx:

There are two identical versions available. The Web Version where you can download the Folx application form internet webpage or you get it form the App Store.

Folx 5: Download Link

How to add Folx Extension on Google Chrome:

Adding the Folx downloader extension on internet browsers can be confusing. Therefore, I have included step by step guidance to do so. As my default browser is google chrome and most of the people use it for the purpose of this topic I have considered google chrome.

  • The first thing you need to do is open the Folx application on your MacOS desktop. By doing this all the folx option menus will appear on the Mac OS menu bar.
Folx running on Mac Desktop
  • As the application opened click on the “Folx” next to Apple Menu (logo) on the upper left corner and then select “preferences”. On the preferences window choose the “browsers”option where Apple Safari, Opera, Firefox and Google chrome icons appear and then click on “install extensions”.
Folx Preferences
Install Extensions
  • After clicking on Install extensions, your default browser opens automatically, where you will be required to select the browser you want to install the extension on and then click “install”. Since my default browser is google chrome, I have selected google chrome. But you can choose any of them you want.
Bowsers available to install Folx extension on
  • Now, if you are not currently signed into your gmail account you will be required to sign in. Make sure to enter your correct gmail and password. After that click on the “Add to Chrome” button where the final smaller window pops up and then click on “add extension”- turn on sync” and the extension will be installed.
Adding Folx extension on Google Chrome
Add Folx extension on Google Chrome
Turn on Sync

Free Download Manager (FDM):

This is an other free powerful youtube downloader with a simple interface to download videos, movies and etc. It is available with two different versions. The MacOS edition and the Windows edition.

However, In most of the aspects Free Download Manager (FDM) is identical to Folx. But it has a more simple and easy interface then Folx which allows you to monitor all your downloads in a simple single window.

Since it is a free application it provides you a more advanced controls. The most basic features are:

  • Dark and Light theme
  • Add browser extension on Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers
  • Manual Proxy configuration
  • Supports Torrents downloads
  • Control the download and upload speed
  • Resume interrupted downloads

Free Download Manager (FDM): Download Link

Free Download Manager (FDM)

How to Download Videos and Files via FDM:

To download videos and applications or if you are using it as a youtube downloader like I do. Click on the upper left corner on the (+) sign and then paste the URL source or simply drag and drop or cope and paste on the main window to start downloading.

Download videos, films and other datas

How to add Free Download Manager Extension on Safari:

In the previous topic about Folx download manager I talked how to add extension on Google Chrome which is my default browser but now I am going to show you how to add FDM extension on Apple Safari. To do so, follow the following proven steps:

  • As before the first step is to open the Free Download Manager (FDM) application on your MacOS Desktop
  • After the FDM Application open, on the left upper corner next to Apple Menu click on the “Free Download Manager” then select “preferences” and then choose “browser integration”.  As shown below.
FDM Preferences
Bowser Integration
  • On the browser integration tab you may see Apple Safari at the end after Firefox and Google Chrome. Click on “extension” and an other windows appears where you need to click on “Trust” button and the extension will be added.
Adding FDM extension on Safari
Agree to install FDM extension

Sum Up:

If you are looking for convenient tools to be used as youtube downloader or you want to download videos, films, application and other datas the Folx downloader and Free Download Manager (FDM) applications are the best accelerators available in the market as I have experienced. Therefore, this tools not only allows you to download datas but also to customize your download as you want.

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